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Fidget 2.4.0

Children's colorful application "Fidget" is informative stories, entertaining puzzles and amazing experiments! Comic book characters will tell about the life of animals, and good fairy tales will take you into the world of joy and fantasy. Pyshkareva will teach you how to cook simple funny dishes, and Fidget will entice you with naughty games. Interactive coloring pages, intricate mazes, funny riddles, comic entertainers — that's why children in many countries of the world love "Fidget"!


Each issue of the journal contains:
- coloring pages
- instructive stories
- puzzles and crosswords
- puzzles and riddles
- exciting games
- comics
- fairy tales and instructive stories
- answers to "difficult" children's questions
- and much more. The latest version of the game Fidget download for android.

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  • Game version: 2.4.0
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  • Game version: 2.1.0
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