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Zveryata - Games for children 1.4.0.atc

"Zveryata" is both a ZOO and a PLAYGROUND for children who learn the world and learn to speak coherently in Russian or English.


The free version of "Animals" has:
— 20 interactive animals
— 3 built-in educational games for younger children
— the ability to expand to the full version with 40 animals and 9 educational games


And also:
— professional voice-over in Russian and English, made especially for children;
— simplified interface allows the child to play both together with parents and independently;
— the game has no scores, ratings, defeats and all that is usually found in more adult games;
— the game gives hints if the child is having difficulties;
— the complexity of mini-games increases if the kid starts to cope with tasks easily;
— the game itself offers the child to play different mini-games so that the baby can develop in a versatile way;
— great for both boys and girls of preschool age;
— a whole collection of games for children 2 years, 3 years, 4 years in Russian.


Playing with animals, your baby:
— gets the first idea of our world on the example of animal habitats;
— learns new words, letters and learns to pronounce them in Russian or English;
— learns to count and recognize numbers and digits;
— learns the names, images and behavior patterns of various animals;
— learns the names of different types of food when feeding animals;
— learns to match different images and sounds;
— gets positive emotions, rejoices together with funny animals!



First of all, the Animals are a children's zoo, in which the animals are distributed according to their usual habitats — screens that can be scrolled through. Animals react to tap: they move characteristically, make sounds, and a pleasant female voice pronounces their correct names in Russian, English, French or Spanish. A hint with "food" allows you to get closer to the animal, feed it and pet it. The latest version of the game Zveryata - Games for children download for android.

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