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The Kings of Twilight (Shadow Kings) 1.15.19

Plunge into the hilarious fantasy world of Shadow Kings: join forces with exuberant dwarves and proud elves, challenge the meanness and meanness of twilight! This addictive free game takes strategy to a new level. Defend your city from orcs, goblins and trolls! Fight with other players or form alliances with them in the struggle for honor and superiority.

In the massive multiplayer game Shadow Kings, you control your city in a three-dimensional world full of secrets and dangers. Create a powerful army of elves, dwarves and humans. Sharpen your trusty axe, pull a tight bow and go to war against fierce enemies. Turn your city into a grandiose metropolis. Protect the inhabitants of the city behind strong walls and collect taxes from them. Conduct trade and develop the economy. Suppress vile enemies, teach annoying neighbors to be smart and strengthen your influence by capturing outposts. Fight alone or join forces with other players, forming alliances. The competition for prestige, power and superiority in the whole kingdom has begun!



  • Animated figures and buildings, comical decorative objects
  • A living world in a unique humorous three-dimensional graphics
  • Your own city, which you develop in various ways
  • Resource production and trade affecting the economy
  • A huge army of warriors with different abilities
  • Interesting tasks and epic battles of good and evil
  • Strategy and regular events and activities
  • Useful alliances and complex diplomacy
  • Endless variety of gaming entertainment — alone or together with other players
  • The latest version of the strategy The Kings of Twilight (Shadow Kings) download for android.

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