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Tanchiki 1990 1.0.2

Almost every one of us used to play the game tanchiki on his first Dandy console at one time. At that time, it was a very hot battle. The legendary eagle returns and demands your help on the screens of your smartphone. Plunge into that unforgettable atmosphere and remember what you were like in 1990.  Destroy enemies, protect your eagle, collect bonuses, compete with friends. There are 35 levels in the game, try to complete everything. There is even a new level of Stalingrad, where you will have the opportunity to repeat the success of the Soviet troops in the battle with the German invaders. the behavior of enemies, sounds and bonuses have not undergone any changes compared to the original Dandy game, which gives the game a certain spirit of nostalgia. New levels are constantly coming out.  The latest version of the shooting game Tanchiki 1990 download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.0.2
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