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Fraudster Volume-2 1.8.2

Crook Tom is back with a revenge plan, and he's ready to cheat until the end of school, right up to graduation! Quickly write off the other students before you get caught! Outsmart all the new teachers, Principal Peters and nerdy students to get the most points and advanced levels of the game. Defeat the Deceiver Sam, Tom's worst enemy, in an epochal rivalry of scammers to be among the first students! Over 100 challenging and challenging levels! Rogue Tom-2 is even more difficult than the first game! Compete with your friends and track their progress on the map! Improve in the art of deception, and you will have a chance to become the next prom king or queen!

What's inside:

  1. 100 challenging levels and additional special game modes that will last for long hours of procrastination.
  2. Choose your avatar – fraudster Tom and Tammy
  3. Watch Tom and Tammy flaunt cool new dance moves!
  4. New upgradable bonuses and in-game currency to improve the game
  5. Hilarious animated storyline!
  6. 10 angry teachers and 11 absolute nerds with new behaviors!
  7. 12 cool classroom options!
  8. A great annual album with lots of funny students and teachers to collect!
  9. The latest version of the arcade Fraudster Volume-2 download for android.
Features: Online HD Cool Donat

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