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Swinging Stupendo 1.2.0

Swinging Stupendo is literally a shocking game for Android devices. The visual design is made for four. It is impossible to call the graphics strong and high-quality, but the project itself does not claim the laurels of a "bestseller". In principle, it will do. With musical accompaniment, everything is the same. The whole action takes place in a circus, where a rag circus doll Stupendo shows amazing tricks. The player will have to help him in this difficult task and guide him through the electric balls. One touch to them – and shock, the game is over.

The gameplay is a bit like a Joyride Jetpack, but only the basic idea and no more. The physics is completely different, but it is also well honed and worked out – the developers can only be praised. Unfortunately, there are no customization or character development options. Therefore, you can call the toy a little raw and unfinished – with a proper upgrade, it will make a decent project.


  • Interesting gameplay;
  • Fun design;
  • One-button control;
  • Light weight and simplicity;
  • Elementary installation.


Jumping Stupendo is an interesting and exciting game that, due to some of its features, will be able to entertain the user qualitatively, but not for a long time. A couple of days and its potential will be exhausted, so you can not count on a long-term perspective. The latest version of the shooting game Swinging Stupendo download for android.

Features: HD Sensory

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