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King of Thieves 2.52

King of Thieves is one of the most fun and exciting apps from Zeptolab. Only for Android. The design of the project is just fine, as are other works of these famous developers. Everything is bright, fun and colorful, in front of us is the "golden mean" that both children and adults will like equally. King of Thieves is probably one of the best platformers for mobile devices. I would like to find some drawbacks, but there are none. The gaming is a masterpiece, the management is intuitive, the abundance of advertising or donation is not noticed.

Every gamer has his own treasure cave. Other thieves are constantly scurrying around everywhere and trying to steal your treasure, so you will have to take care of the safety of your property – set traps, competently design a dungeon. But you are also a thief, so you will have to "test the strength" of other players' security systems and try to steal their gold. The goal of gaming is to become the richest, most famous and elusive thief.

In addition to all this, there are a lot of single levels in which you can thoroughly hone your skills. I am pleased with interesting achievements and the opportunity to "dress up" the hero in a funny costume. You can also team up with other gamers or start your own thieves guild yourself. Optimization is well thought out and implemented, it is difficult to find a gadget that "won't pull" this masterpiece.


  • Awesome graphics;
  • A lot of single levels and a high-quality PvP module;
  • Own treasure cave;
  • Interesting achievements;
  • Highest playability;
  • Integration into the network;
  • Easy installation;
  • Native management.


It doesn't matter if you like mobile gaming or not and which games you prefer – download this app immediately! It's just a bomb that will destroy your free time! The latest version of the strategy King of Thieves download for android.

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