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Tentacle Wars 2.1.8

Tentacle Wars is an Android application based on the Flash game of the same name, known to several tens of millions of users. According to the assurances of the developers themselves, it is easy to get involved in the gameplay presented in Tentacle Wars, but then it is difficult to break away from it. The application differs from its analogues in a more thoughtful gameplay and high-quality graphic design.


The main character is an alien organism. He dies and your task is to save the "patient" by running the right set of DNA. The antibody cells are under the control of the user. It is necessary at the right moment to release tentacles containing DNA in such a way as to neutralize the energy of foreign cells.


In this way, you can save an alien from imminent death. When completing missions, you will need to show all your strategic talents and the ability to think logically. In total, the storyline presents more than eighty tasks, which will provide an interesting time to spend for a long time.



  • 80 game challenges/missions
  • Original sound design
  • Eye-pleasing graphics
  • Simple user interface
  • Support for Google Play services


The user interface, as already mentioned above, is simple and intuitive. The installation process of the program is automated and does not require the intervention of an Android smartphone or tablet PC user. The presented application will appeal to fans and fans of strategy games, gamers who do not only have fun, but also simultaneously develop logic, memory and imagination.


Heal an alien organism, capture foreign cells and avoid traps set up by the enemy, play and have unforgettable fun! The latest version of the strategy Tentacle Wars download for android.

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