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Bloody Harry 2.0.6

Bloody Harry is a trash about zombies on the screens of Android gadgets. The visual design is interesting and funny, made in a comic hand-drawn style. In other games it would look mediocre, but in this one it's what you need. The voice of the main character and the general voice acting are excellent, it's a pity that only in English.

The plot of the classic program is a zombie apocalypse. And in this case, what should a simple butcher Harry do, Right, chop and chop the dead! Gamers have access to 15 types of various weapons and "buns" in the form of armor and bonuses. During the passage, you can earn achievements and awards.

Gaming is endless, and allows any persistent player to climb to the top of the rating. After completing all the missions, you can meet a zombie boss who can only leave memories of Harry. The game is quite simple, but implemented with such love and humor that you can play it forever. The playability is incredibly high, falling out of reality with it for 2-3 hours is the norm. Be sure to download this game for yourself! Such a cocktail of trash, humor and exciting gaming is simply not to be missed! The latest version of the shooting game Bloody Harry download for android.

Features: Online Cool Zombie Donat

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