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Battle of the Artists 3.7

Battle of Artists is an online game in which you need to draw a word so that another player can guess it. You are given a choice of 3 words of different difficulty levels. If the opponent guesses the word according to your art, then both of you will receive the appropriate amount of coins. They can be used to buy bombs. Bombs are used to remove extra letters when guessing a word, simplifying the game.


The most interesting thing is to play with familiar people. To do this, it is enough to link your VK account to the game profile, and you will see all your friends who also take part in game duels. Invite your friends and play together, it's fun!



  1. Online with a random player or with friends from VK;
  2. Rating;
  3. Statistics of your creativity;
  4. Tips to simplify the process;
  5. Simultaneous play with 30 opponents.
  6. The latest version of the logic game Battle of the Artists download for android.
Features: Online Multiplayer Cool

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  • Game version: 3.7
  • Downloaded: 1377
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  • Game version: 3.6
  • Downloaded: 1149
  • Lite version

  • Game version: 3.5
  • Downloaded: 1088
  • Lite version

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