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City of road construction 1.5

This fun gives you the opportunity to manage and dispose of all construction and transport vehicles, such as a heavy excavator, sand loader, truck, road rollers and other equipment. You will drive, build roads, infrastructure to do your job. Play the role of transporting the material to the construction driver and dump it on the construction site. Smooth steering wheel, hydraulic controls, first person driving view and heavy drive cars are all here in this 3D simulator. Experience driving an excavator, a heavy road roller and a truck all ready on the construction site.


• Unique and real heavy truck driving experience
• Explore the Construction of an urban environment
• Addictive missions of Excavation, transportation and road construction
• Smooth steering, hydraulic brakes, lifting and rotation controls
• Amazing 3D graphics and environment
• real-time physics controls for driving heavy trucks The latest version of the game City of road construction download for android.

Features: 3D For boys

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