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Battle for the Throne 1.1.44

The kingdom under the control of the Devan Empire is on the verge of destruction. Now you must take control of a tattered mercenary army and take your place as a Lord in the battle for the throne, in the great strategic fantasy war game from TOST! In this massive strategy game, create a team with your friends and form legions to defeat powerful raid bosses while at the same time defending your own kingdom from attack.

Battle for the Throne offers you a unique opportunity to experience an easily accessible and free strategic war game. You are a powerful Lord who has come to take control of a weakened kingdom and bring a new era of peace to the continent of Yeter. Command powerful heroes, gather mighty legions, rebuild your kingdom and manage your resources, colonize neighboring areas to defeat the evil Empire of Devan!

· CONQUER THE Cave! Expand your territory by colonizing vast regions and by acquiring resources to STRENGTHEN your EMPIRE!
· Build a powerful ARMY! Collect more than 100 HEROES to manage the resources of your kingdom and enter them into BATTLE.
· Play with FRIENDS and team up in huge LEGIONS with real players to challenge powerful RAID BOSSES
· Surround the enemy player's FORTRESS in strategic PVP battles to steal your coveted resources.
· Strengthen your heroes by finding rare weapons and rebuilding your capital into an IMPREGNABLE FORTRESS.
· Beautiful graphics and backgrounds showing INTENSE BATTLES
· Communicate with your legion in reality!
· Earn medals by completing RAIDS and PVP BATTLES to demonstrate your strength!


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