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    Codelabs Studio.Furious Racing and Sniper Shooter
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Battlefield Combat Nova Nation 5.1.6

Knowledge has improved our way of life and our understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, we are no wiser. Even with our superior technology, we were unable to stop the nuclear war over our planet's dying resources. Battle, war, attacks... The last hope for civilization lies in a new modern combat commando, trained to fight in the front line, men and women trained to restore peace and justice to the planet, acting as judges and executioners. You have been appointed commander of the Nova Nation, the core core of civilization. Will you be up to the challenge and hear the call of duty?



- feel the pressure of a sniper or soldier standing alone in front of the enemy in the vanguard

- endless waves of AI controlled enemies

- various types of weapons, customizable and upgradeable

- realistic shooting of your weapons - more than 70 carefully designed scenarios

- real 3D graphics optimized for a wide range of devices

- build your own base! The latest version of the shooting game Battlefield Combat Nova Nation download for android.

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