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    Codelabs Studio.Furious Racing and Sniper Shooter
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Battlefield Frontline City 5.1.4

Europe and Russia joined forces as the new empire of Eurasia against the United States of America and South America, now known as the Continents of America, or UCA, their former allies. Entire continents of Africa and South Asia, including China, are an apocalyptic hell, created down by nuclear weapons. Humanity has done it again.

After three years of endless conflicts over the remaining oil wells, all of Eurasia's refineries are focused on the Russian city of Volgograd, frontline city, also known as Stalingrad. UCA, have overestimated their oil reserves, are desperate for resources and have sent all their armed forces and commandos to this city and destroyed all resistance to achieve control over the remaining oil in the world. 90 years after the bloody battle, the history of the Battle of Stalingrad is set to begin again! The latest version of the shooting game Battlefield Frontline City download for android.

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  • Game version: 5.1.4
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