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Farm Fruits Three in a Row 1.9

This story is about cute pets living outside the city, meet: A pig, a Bull, a Sheep, a Horse and a Cow found themselves on a farm not in a simple time. The owner and his wife abandoned the garden and went to live in the city, now only these animals together with you can harvest and feed themselves in winter.


What you have to do, everything is simple, if you are familiar with the Zoom genre, then you can easily figure out how to collect fruits. From the very beginning, choose a character for whom you will play, there are 5 of them, but if you are playing for the first time, only one character will be available to you, this is a Pig. Choose a hero and go ahead to collect, throw fruits into the fruit line. It is important that the abandoned fruit is of the same type as the fruit in the line. Put three of them in a row or more. Stars fly out of the harvested crop, they need to be collected if you want to improve the bonuses that also appear after collecting three in a row. Bonuses are different and the chance of their appearance depends on how many stars you collect.


Features of the game:
1. More than 100 levels.
2. 5 different characters with their own characteristics.
3. Many different bonuses and the ability to improve them.
4. 3D graphics in the popular zoom genre.
5. The game is localized. Supports languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian) The latest version of the game Farm Fruits Three in a Row download for android.

Features: HD

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  • Game version: 1.8
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