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Kritika: White Knights 4.20.2

An explosive mix of action and role-playing game, from which it is impossible to break away! Spectacular fighting techniques and excellent graphics! The victory will be yours!


Meet the heroes!
- Demon swordsman – his sword cuts through enemies!
- The Scarlet Assassin – the battlefield belongs to her!
- Dark Valkyrie – charming, but deadly!
- Berserker – his rage knows no bounds. Don't get in his way!
- Acrobat – fast and agile. Fragile in appearance, but the appearance is deceptive!
- The Twilight magician is the lord of shadows. A terrible death awaits his enemies!

Amazing gaming features!
- It's more interesting to play together! Join the guild!
- Tame a pet, and it will never leave you in trouble!
- Develop your hero! Complete 94 levels in campaign mode!
- Challenge countless hordes of monsters in the Monster Wave game mode!
- Complete all 70 floors of the Tower of Grief!
- Challenge yourself in the Arena in the "Duel" and "Melee" modes! Defeat all the opponents!
- Team up with other players and defeat powerful world bosses!
- Use the "Auto-fight" function to quickly complete the levels! The latest version of the shooting game Kritika: White Knights download for android.

Features: Online HD Donat

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