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Project RTS - Strategy LITE Зависит от устройства

Project RTS is an unusual real-time strategy in which you have to extract resources from the surface of planets. In the matter of mining, you will be hindered by other corporations that have their own interests on this planet.



You can capture the platform by placing your combat units next to it, while destroying all enemy equipment next to it. After all, if there are enemies nearby, what kind of resource extraction can we talk about.
At your disposal are a variety of types of equipment: tanks, lasers, rocket launchers, stationary guns. The factory will allow you to build additional equipment, the main thing is not to spend more than you need, because to complete each mission you need to collect a certain amount of resources in a limited time. Also take advantage of the landscape, because the higher the combat unit is, the further it can fire. Do not leave your platforms unattended the enemy is treacherous and will not miss the opportunity to capture them.



  • Use the button in the upper left corner to speed up/slow down the speed of the game
  • The bars in the upper right corner show the number of captured towers.
  • The latest version of the strategy Project RTS - Strategy LITE download for android.

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