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Violent stories. Cattish 1.0.0

Start playing the free demo version of this high-quality adventure game! By paying for the full version, you will get a game that you can play offline!


Panic engulfs the town of Snownville after a series of mysterious attacks by a snow leopard. Since you are the best expert on cats, as well as a well-known veterinarian in the city, it is up to you to solve the cause of these unexplained attacks! The story takes on a personal character when your own pet cats run away after the leopards. Will you be able to bring them home?


• The cats have escaped!
You knew perfectly well that cats are independent animals. But this is already crossing all boundaries! Your beloved pets have escaped, incited by a group of mysterious snow leopards!

• Who controls the leopards?
As an experienced veterinarian, you immediately noticed the unusual behavior of cats. Having decided to investigate what is happening, you understand that the aggression and the attacks of the feline family caused by it are provoked by someone! But by whom and for what purpose?

• Rescue your cats and investigate a series of snow leopard attacks!
Get to the bottom of this confusing story by exploring snowy landscapes. Trust your experience and knowledge of feline nature to successfully find hidden object scenes and solve intricate mini-games and puzzles.

• Solve the cause of the mysterious snow leopards in the bonus chapter!
In this collector's edition you will find 25 sketches hidden in the snowy areas of the game, a cat shelter where you can play with cute kittens, as well as achievements, concept art and amazing wallpapers! The latest version of the quest Violent stories. Cattish download for android.

Features: Online HD

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