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For 7 seals. Sacred Grove 1.0.0

Start playing the free demo version of this high-quality adventure game! By paying for the full version, you will get a game that you can play offline!


The game "Gloomy Grove, Sacred Grove" is the newest addition to the famous series "Behind Seven Seals". In it, you will not only feel the record low temperature, but also be attacked by wild animals that will be waiting for you at every step! You have been called as a detective to uncover the causes of the nightmare happening in the city. But soon you will find yourself in the midst of a feud between local hunters and mysterious Wanderers who live in a mysterious grove. Is it possible to prevent an all-out war?


• Dire Grove is under threat!
Go through the hidden object scenes that await you on your journey through icy landscapes in more than 15 chapters of this fascinating game. Rely on your wits and detective skills to solve puzzles and mini-games and continue your journey.


• Hunters hide a terrible secret
Behind the icy blizzards, silhouettes of people in animal masks open up to your eyes. And it's terrifying! Most of the townspeople have been evacuated, but the bravest citizens are determined to find out what mysterious force drove them out of their own homes.


• Who are the Wanderers?
The townspeople have captured one of the mysterious Wanderers living in the sacred grove of Dire Grove. Are the Wanderers the culprits of this icy curse?


• Uncover another terrible secret in the bonus chapter of the collector's edition!
Unlock this collector's edition to unlock a bonus chapter and an exciting alternative ending! Collect collectible items and get achievements throughout the adventure. In addition, enjoy exclusive additions such as amazing wallpapers, charming music and stunning concept art. The latest version of the quest For 7 seals. Sacred Grove download for android.

Features: Online HD

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