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Heroes Charge 2.1.332

Heroes Charge is a dynamic and exciting game for Android devices. The exterior design of the project is on top. Good quality graphics, smooth and colorful animations delight the eyes of even the most fastidious gamers. The musical accompaniment and voice acting are also good.

The plot is classic for most RPG games. Everyone is trying to capture the user's world, but only the player will be able to rule it correctly and wisely. Therefore, you need to assemble a team of heroes, pump them up and fight back against all competitors. The game has a lot of locations and more than fifty characters. They all have different classes, unique abilities and can evolve to stronger units. In this they are helped by a bunch of weapons, spells, artifacts and other "buns" with which the upgrade process becomes more interesting and exciting.

You can join forces with friends or just players and go through difficult quests together, or choose the path of a loner. In the second case, loot and experience are not shared at all, but it can be extremely difficult without allies. In addition to battles between guilds, a PvP arena is available. Here you can compete for rare prizes and awards and brag about heroes. By the way, they are sometimes unique, and it is very undesirable to miss them. It is the heroes who determine the strength of the player.

The toy is socially integrated. In addition to the usual quests, there are also thematic ones, various social events occur periodically. Players are not allowed to get bored. There is a donation in Hirose Charge, it significantly speeds up pumping, but you can have a great time without it. If you don't want to, just don't buy it or disable this feature altogether. The game is recommended for users over 13 years old.



  • Good graphics and animations;
  • Lots of heroes and locations;
  • Constantly updated events;
  • A well-thought-out and balanced upgrade system;
  • Fights in the arena and in regular missions;
  • A bunch of artifacts, spells and ammunition;
  • Guilds;
  • Elementary installation and good optimization.


If you like action or RPG projects at least a little, then this one will be to your taste. There is always something to do here, high playability and interesting gameplay. Be sure to download! The latest version of the shooting game Heroes Charge download for android.

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