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Dungeons and Evil: Holy Sword 2.0.6

JOIN NOW to become the Guardian hero of the Holy Sword in the game Dungeons and Evil: Holy Sword. In a matter of minutes, unleash powerful cards to unleash spells, summon companions, and seize control of the volatile battle.


Collect and build strategies with your deck of cards - your collection develops with you. Deftly wield your cards to build a strong deck!

Fast and affordable battles on the go with exciting magical card effects.

As the Hero of the Sacred Sword, join the quests and adventures to protect the Sword from Evil

Now get ready to step into the arena and challenge countless other players to duels, for the opportunity to win amazing prizes!


The update includes:
- Clan System: Clans, Clan Membership, Clan Shop, Clan Ads
(available from Level 13)
- 3 new Legendary Armor sets (Conqueror, Fearless, Guardian)
- 2 New powerful cards - The Witch and the Ancient Phantom
- An in-game Halloween event!
- New in-game promotions!
- Upgrade rewards in the Fountain of Desires
- Updating map names
- Fixing a bug with default capital letter input in the game chat
- Adding a button to reject an application to the team
- Special designation of Rare Cards
- Notification of the cost of updating Pirates Bay
- Reducing the level for creating or joining a team to the 10th, the price is 80 Gems
- Gifts for reaching the 25th, 35th, 45th Levels
- Optimization of Ranked Battles by levels
- A chest with a reward for team battles on the left in the main menu of the game
- Optimization of quests and getting rewards for completing them
- A separate tab with balance replenishment quests and prizes for their completion
- Revision of the Magic Shield skills and some other defensive skills. Now their
the value is not constant, but depends on the remaining HP
- Automatic registration of teams that meet the criteria (5 people, entering the game in the last 7
days), to participate in the tournament, notification of team captains
- Changing the achievement viewing system
- Fix a bug with collecting friends' Stamina The latest version of the shooting game Dungeons and Evil: Holy Sword download for android.

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