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Darkness Reborn 1.4.6

Gorgeous visual effects and fast-paced dynamics of the game! - In terms of graphics quality, Darkness Reborn is not inferior to PC games!

- Destroy the army of the forces of darkness! Exciting game dynamics and stunning effects.


Four classes of powerful heroes!
- Warrior: A hardy and strong fighter with powerful attack skills
- Kunoichi: A cold-blooded ninja assassin
- Sorceress: A mysterious enchantress armed with shakrams
- Demon Hunter: a well-aimed crossbowman who does not leave enemies a single chance


Multiple types of real-time battles with other players!
- 3 vs 3 arena fights: conquer the top of the rankings!
- Boss raids: assemble a well-coordinated team of players and defeat the mighty boss! Unprecedented opportunities by the standards of mobile games!
- Rifts: Battles with the forces of darkness paired with another player.


The fate of the world is in your hands!
- The automatic combat system will allow you to quickly complete the game!
- Make your characters stronger! Create equipment in the workshop, upgrade and reforge items obtained in battles.
- 1296 possible skill combinations! Prepare to fight the forces of darkness! The latest version of the shooting game Darkness Reborn download for android.

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