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The history of the bakery. Yoga Cafe

Meet the special edition of the BEST FREE cooking game "Bakery Story. Yoga cafe". Create a dream pastry shop and invite your friends! Surprise visitors with elegant decoration and delicious treats! The menu includes themed yoga cafe recipes, original decor and DELIGHTFUL plot twists!


- INVENT and create an extraordinary bakery of your dreams! Huge selection and scope for imagination.
- DESIGN the cafe according to your own taste: tables, chairs, wallpaper, art objects and much more!
- MAKE such a menu, from the very sight of which the visitors will instantly develop an appetite.
- GO to the neighboring pastry shops and get bonus tips from other players!
- INVITE your Facebook-registered friends to open a bakery next door! Exchange branded recipes!
- DOWNLOAD for FREE, play for FREE, update for FREE: new sweets and new interior elements every week! The latest version of the game The history of the bakery. Yoga Cafe download for android.

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