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Legend of Heroes 1.501

In the game, an epic war strategy game, you can build a mysterious ancient world. People living in tribes are surrounded by danger from all sides, upgrading the fortress, strengthening the walls, millions of players create their own tribe in order to protect our common Homeland and fight for it!Placing troops in position, training magic, all this in order to find the best solutions to defeat the enemy! Hero, you need to quickly find light and dark emblems, they will give you crushing power; Hero, go and create a God-given sacred weapon that will deal a crushing blow to the enemy. The task of saving the world will once again fall on the shoulders of ordinary people. Hero, write your own legend!

Features and capabilities:
1. Strategic and simulation game for mobile phones.
2. Build and upgrade your impregnable own tribe to resist the forces of evil from the black forest.
3. Try different types of troops and try to combine them to find the best way to defeat the enemy.
4. Personal arena, arena for troops and battle between servers - various types of PVP are waiting for your participation.
5. Play with millions of players around the world, conduct decisive battles, share successes at any time.
6. There are great treasures hidden in the black forest, what are you waiting for?join soon! The latest version of the strategy Legend of Heroes download for android.

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