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Kill Shot 3.7.6

Congratulations on your appointment! You are a fighter-saboteur. I see that you are not averse to participating in dangerous military operations and missions to secretly eliminate enemies. On missions, you will need powerful weapons and marksmanship skills. Move into the deep rear of the enemy to find and eliminate hidden targets. Look into the scope, adjust the magnification and find your target. Breathe in... and pull the trigger, kill the bastard. We need confirmed corpses. Good luck!

- First-person shooter, more than 400 missions.
- Excellent three-dimensional graphics.
- Unforgettable death scenes with a "bullet" view.
- 30 unique maps and stunning locations.


- 65+ weapons to choose from, even more in the future.
- Upgrade your killing power with 4 weapon classes:
+ Sniper rifle
+ Automatic
+ Shotgun
+ Machine Gun
- Unlock powerful upgrades for all types of weapons.


- Tip — instant detection of all enemies.
- Slow motion — Slow down time for careful aiming.
- Armor—piercing bullets - a hit guarantees destruction. The latest version of the game Kill Shot download for android.

Features: 3D Zombie Donat

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