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Rivals in the war Shootout 1.5.5

Assemble an elite team ready for battle. TRAIN soldiers and upgrade their weapons before each task. ATTACK your enemies and watch the battles unfold. DEFEAT rival teams all over the world. Fight for VICTORY and let your team become the best!


  • Take part in different battles, each of which takes place on its own three-dimensional map and has its own combat mission.
  • Assemble a team of six different types of soldiers: commander, sniper, submachine gunner, tunneler, radio operator and medic.
  • Increase the accuracy, speed, damage and health of your soldiers.
  • Unlock new soldiers with improved weapons and skills to increase the combat rating of the team.
  • Supply the team with different camouflage uniforms, helmets and team badges.
  • Choose the right tactics to win the fight.
  • Get 45 achievements for which special prizes are due.
  • Help the team to take the top spot in the leaderboard so that the whole world will hear about you!


Your duty is to protect the world from terrorism and chaos. Get ready for a war with rivals! The latest version of the shooting game Rivals in the war Shootout download for android.

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