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True Football 2 2.10.6

Do you want to be a football coach? Win some prestigious trophy with your team? To raise a young player and make him a football star? If yes, then this app is for you! 2000 clubs from 88 countries are available for your choice! Choose any one and go ahead! Start your adventures in the world of football!


Manage various aspects of your team's life, including finances, youth training, transfers, sponsors and much more! Win matches and tournaments to gain the trust of the directors and the love of the fans! Do you like difficulties? Why don't you take on one of the lower division teams, and achieve success with it? You will face numerous difficulties, such as injuries, disqualifications and pressure from management. 



  • The game has been translated into Russian
  • More than 1000 clubs to choose from from 64 countries!
  • International cups. Starting from the Champions League and ending with the Copa Libertadores!
  • Sign a contract with sponsors and improve the financial situation of the club!
  • Educate young people and prepare them for the main squad!
  • Develop the infrastructure of the club. Starting from the stadium and ending with the medical center!
  • Take a team from the very bottom and win an international cup and championship with it!
  • The latest version of the sports game True Football 2 download for android.
Features: For boys

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