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Space Bomber 1.0

Space Bomber is an incredible space adventure in scale and entertainment. You have to become a brave captain of a spaceship and deal with a huge number of alien invaders trying to gain dominance in space. Who will win this battle depends only on you!


Waiting for you:

-Flexible ship development system. Hundreds of different options for improvements will allow each player to create a unique and inimitable ship. It will be a powerful destroyer or a staunch defender, or maybe you will offer another option? It's up to the player to decide!

-Easy to learn and manage. The intuitive interface and the absence of any clutter makes Space Bomber truly relaxed and exciting. The innovative "OneFi" control system makes the game possible anywhere and anytime. The player will not have to spend hours figuring out the mechanics of the game, which will allow him to enter the most global space battle in history immediately!

-Achievement system. Now your achievements in the game are not just records, but facts that really affect the game! By completing tasks and getting an achievement, the player will start the game with bonuses determined by this achievement. The latest version of the casual game Space Bomber download for android.

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