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Evolution: The Battle for Utopia 3.2

New allies are waiting for you... and enemies! A loyal team will accompany you from the very beginning of the adventure. You have to recruit new fighters and come together in battle with ruthless opponents. And, of course, there will be PvP battles: greedy competitors understand only the language of power!

  • Conquer the most dangerous planet in the galaxy - Utopia! In the game universe, space fiction (classic Sky-fi) is closely intertwined with the post-apocalypse.
  • "Evolution" is by no means another "shooting game". Hurricane action and thoughtful strategy complement each other here. With the strengths of Action and RPG games, the combat system is easy to learn and does not require you to react with lightning speed.
  • Equip your colony: build a military base, defend it from attacks with a system of fortifications, and then use the accumulated technological power in battle!
  • Terraform the planet: Turn the desert into a tropical paradise! The unique technology of extraterrestrial civilizations is now in your hands. Turn lifeless areas into green oases with unique flora and fauna! Do the evolution!
  • This is war! Build a continental ballistic missile launcher to crush opponents the size of a skyscraper!
  • Explore the world of one of the biggest RPG games in the history of Android! The planet Utopia hides a lot of surprises. Solve all its secrets in the course of exciting adventures!
  • Develop and equip your character to challenge the most dangerous inhabitants of the planet!
  • Fight in the company of loyal partners, the first of which will be a robot dog named Fido!
  • Crack the vaults with valuable resources! Multiply wealth by opening electronic locks using a special interface. The key to success is interesting mindfulness games!
  • The latest version of the strategy Evolution: The Battle for Utopia download for android.

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