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Angry Birds 2 2.2.1

Angry Birds 2 – Slingshot lords are back! The iconic Android game is back on the screens! It is difficult to find a user who has not played one of the parts of this legend. Now we have a reincarnation with new features, improvements and changed gameplay. And, it should be noted, the guys from Rovio are getting great games. However, as always.

The developers have rethought the progress and levels. Longer and more exciting locations are now available, which consist of several parts. Pigs are well entrenched and destroying them is not as easy as before…


The most popular "feature" of the release was the ability to choose a bird before hitting. Now the player is not limited to a set for a certain level. Despite this innovation, the game has not become easier, rather the opposite – you will choose the wrong unit, and you will not get the maximum destruction.


The "Arena" mode is available, allowing you to fight with gamers around the world. Naturally, you will need access to the Internet. For victories here you can get many different "buns", one of which (feathers) allows you to upgrade birds.


All features:

  • New bosses;
  • The possibility of choosing a projectile bird;
  • The old and beloved physics;
  • Arena Mode;
  • More challenging levels;
  • Multi-stage levels;
  • Birds can use spells.


The game deserves only the highest praise – everything is on the level. The installation goes unnoticed, but after that you will need to download some data. If desired, there is the possibility of donating. The latest version of the arcade Angry Birds 2 download for android.

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