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Are you getting goosebumps already? So, you feel the desire to take command of the battle-ready caterpillars! Your mission is to grab a bigger piece from the red caterpillar army!


Warheads is a strategy game in which you control caterpillars armed to the teeth with flamethrowers, sticky honey, mines, machine guns and much more! Need air support? No problem, Larry Bird with her diarrheal carpet bombing will come to your rescue! The forest creatures are on your side, Commander!


Use any strategies and combinations - from blitzkrieg with light tracks with legs, to siege with heavily armored, carrying cannons and launching missiles with tank tracks. It's up to you! Isn't that enough for you? Improve your strategies in the Test Zone, and then fight the battle online with your friends through the Game Center. Do you want to prove to everyone that you are the best? Top the leaderboard by achieving outstanding wins in Endless Mode!



CAMPAIGN – Go all the way across the map and capture 50 enemy bases and defeat 5 big boss Warheads that got in your way!

MULTIPLAYER – Fight the battle online and compete with your friends!

TEST ZONE – Experiment with new strategies in the Test Zone!

ENDLESS MODE – Hold out as long as possible against the combined onslaught of the red caterpillar army! The latest version of the strategy BOEGUSENI download for android.

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