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FarmVille: Harvest Swap 1.0.3008

Harvest Swap is a wild mix of farm and puzzle. Only for Android users. The visual design is pleasant and causes only positive emotions. The overall style is animated, the gameplay elements are bright and colorful, the animations are quite smooth. On a solid five! In gaming itself, everything is no worse. A wild mix of "three in a row" and "farm" will hardly leave anyone indifferent. If you add an interesting story to all this, then other projects simply won't have a chance.

The gamer will have to follow along with the heroes, build a farm with them, spend holidays and much more. Each level is designed as a kind of thematic event, which leads you along the storyline. The gameplay itself is slightly different from the classic one. The player is offered a new experience in expanding the playing field, all kinds of bonuses and "buns". Gaming is just mega-attractive, it's very difficult to break away.

There is a small donation, the absence of which is easy to miss and integration into social networks. For example, you can invite Facebook friends to try the app. Advantages:

  • Cute and high-quality graphics;
  • Elementary management;
  • The most interesting gameplay;
  • Original idea;
  • The mass of "buns";
  • Integration into social networks;
  • Easy installation.


Excellent timekiller with good optimization and addictive game process. A good alternative to the old boring puzzles and puzzles. The latest version of the logic game FarmVille: Harvest Swap download for android.

Features: HD Donat

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  • Game version: 1.0.3008
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