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Godus 0.0.29

YOU ARE ABOUT TO FEEL LIKE A GOD. Rule the world of living beings. The SIMPLICITY of this game can only be compared with the BRIGHTNESS of the impressions that you experience while watching it. Feel the true power over the most delightful, charming and touch-controlled world that has ever passed through your hands. 

· Sculpt and shape every inch of the landscape, giving it a unique look.
· Become a beloved and revered deity for your tiny but devoted believers. Watch how they live, learn and develop in our authentic model of the world.
·Contribute to the development of civilization over the centuries, from the primitive level to the most inaccessible peaks.
· Perform miracles — both beautiful and destructive: lay riverbeds and grow forests, or throw meteors and spew flames.· · Uncover a wealth of secrets and surprises waiting to be solved both in heaven and in the
the bowels of the earth.

You have never experienced this before, and the more you play, the sharper your impressions will be. Do not hesitate to embark on this incredible journey. It's already waiting for you. The latest version of the game Godus download for android.

Features: 3D Online Donat

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