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Plunder Pirates 1.0

Send pirates into battle against other captains and players, and then steal their loot to pay for your adventures! But be ready to defend your island, because pirates love to take revenge ...


Take part in PvP battles with other players on the expanses of the seas. Create a base on the island, fortified with cannons, and assemble a team, fortified with rum! Your unstoppable pirates are always ready to rush into battle, so why not send them to the islands of other players so that they get their hands on their gold?


But life is always more fun with best friends. Join a guild or create a new one and conquer the seas with your guild mates. Share the guild perks with your comrades and work out an attack plan together in the chat!



  •  BUILD a three-dimensional pirate island and rotate it 360° to view it from any angle!
  •  ASSEMBLE a crazy pirate team of 10 sea wolves!
  •  EXPLORE uncharted waters on a mighty galleon!
  •  FIGHT with other captains, conquer islands and steal loot!
  •  JOIN pirate guilds with your friends and get guild perks!
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