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Draw a Stickman: EPIC

Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free is another story about the adventures of a hand–drawn man. A program for Android devices. The style and design of the program is familiar to regular stickman fans – everything is drawn the same way, but it is drawn cute and beautiful. There are no questions about the visual design, everything is exactly as the user expects. The sounds are good, but it would be possible to add more of them.

There is no character in the game. Rather, it is there, but the player himself will have to draw it, of course, what he will draw – he will have to play with this. This approach opens up boundless spaces for creativity already at the very beginning of the project, when it would seem that the main part has not yet begun.


An amazing fantasy world stretches in front of the character, in which the main character will have to survive, solving all his secrets and defeating enemies. The environment is drawn very beautifully and sweetly, so well that sometimes you become ashamed of your not too cute Stickman.


Everything you need to complete the game: logic, a sense of humor and a pencil instead of a finger. Is the dragon attacking? Draw a sword! A fire? We draw rain clouds over the place of ignition.



  • A unique idea;
  • Several games in the series;
  • Many levels with a variety of obstacles and puzzles;
  • Excellent playability;
  • Colorful design;
  • Elementary installation;
  • You can give freedom to your creativity.


The game Drow e Stickman: Epic Free perfectly entertains and develops, making you think in a light joking manner. Perfect for both adults and children. Be sure to download this application, it will perfectly take up your free time and bring a lot of positivity. The latest version of the game Draw a Stickman: EPIC download for android.

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