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Ruzzle Adventure 1.5

Solve hundreds of word puzzles in an entertaining adventure that takes you to 3 different worlds with more than 150 levels. On each of the levels there is a unique board with various puzzles.

Add words on the touch screen; each word will allow you to break rocks, avoid rising water and reach as many destinations as possible on the way to one, two or three stars! Long words give more points and free boosters. Here you can play alone whenever you want, or with your friends – competing to see who will make up more words and score more points.



- A simple and fun game that requires effort to achieve maximum results
- Hundreds of awesome levels that won't let your brain stagnate
- Various amplifiers
- You can play fast or slow: the speed of the game depends only on your desire
- Rating table for you and your friends: who puts words together better in Ruzzle Adventure?
- Practice word composition and develop vocabulary in 12 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian The latest version of the logic game Ruzzle Adventure download for android.

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