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Top Gear: Caravan Crush 1.5.2

Start the engines and smash as many trailers as possible in the game Top Gear's Caravan Crush, the greatest confrontation of cars and trailers. Expect Top Gear's characteristic passion for destruction, British humor and, of course, the Stig.

Join our common contempt for trailers in a great game, just right for those boring hours when the best thing to do is to blow up trailers with reinforced cars.


Launch the car on the runway of Top Gear and smash as many trailers as possible. Meanwhile, trailers packed with explosives, cash or other absurd surprises will help or hinder you. Anyway, most of the things in this game eventually still bang.


Use abnormal gizmos to unlock different modes for playing with one finger. Decide exactly how you like to smash trailers the most, and arrange bigger destruction for your money. Use the earnings to improve the car or buy a new one from among those that have become well known to you thanks to our TV show.


Some claim that he created this game using only ink and paper and that he got to the last level through cheat codes. We only know that he has prepared a lot of crazy challenges for you! The latest version of the game Top Gear: Caravan Crush download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.5.2
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  • Game version: 1.5
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