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Savanna Craft 1.0.8

Our hero Herobrin, a former miner who escaped on a journey from his brother Steve, finds himself in wild survival conditions on uncharted lands! These lands are full of dangerous surprises and hungry predators. Taste all the trials of the wild nature and prairies of the savannah, calculate your every step so as not to become a victim, explore dangerous territories, find valuable resources and materials for building your house, fight off wild animals and the worst enemies of this world. Build your fortress, create items and weapons for defense against bandits and wild tribes. Become the top of the food chain, be a predator - but not a victim!

- Crafting various items, weapons, armor.
- Game store and daily bonuses in the form of coins.
- Convenience of creating items.
- Many types of blocks for construction.
- Various animals: elephants, giraffes, leopards, zebras, etc.
- 3 game maps: savannah, canyon and superplane world.
- Two game modes: survival and creativity.
- Day and night. The latest version of the game Savanna Craft download for android.

Features: 3D

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