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Ninja Assassin: Climber / Ninja Assassin: Crazy Climber 1.0.6

Ninja Killer Crazy Climber is all about ninja fighting two become a great ninja legend, climb to the top of the great castles and slash down evil with warrior samurai ninja assassin sword, humiliate demon bosses with master kung fu skills, play Period Japanese hit man infiltrate enemy territory, start hacking enemies with samurai sword, kill them all With fruit strong below your sword blades slayer your enemies in this ninja game with soldiers and mercenaries angry ninja fighting.

No time to escape the evil gears with deadly weapons, samurai sword, shurikens and all the epic revenge in this addictive game now available on Google Android games are great, ninja games are fun to play and it's a great climbing game as well. You can be a great ninja runner and find a ninja assassin crazy climber two chop chop ninja Assassins Creed. The green ninja is like hiding frogs in the bushes, looking at his enemy, fight better and get fruitninja love to eat. Climbing game is a lot of fun to play and in this game you will have two ninjas run as fast as you can. Just like frogs green ninja kill evne two hide from Ninja Assassin crazy climber. Just a light ninja chop fruit ninja loves to eat. Your ninja escape is nothing without any ninja slicing and you wouldn't become a ninja hero until you become a ninja legend. Finish Assassins Creed with ninja run and become a great ninja hero.


  • Various amazing levels
  • Fight 20 levels city two master your climbing and fighting skills
  • Enjoy free roaming in the area
  • Realistic graphics with real physics for a better experience
  • Amazing sound background-Enhance your gaming experience
  • The latest version of the shooting game Ninja Assassin: Climber / Ninja Assassin: Crazy Climber download for android.
Features: 3D

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  • Game version: 1.0.6
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