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Adventure Time Puzzle Quest 1.96

Adventure Time Puzzle Quest is an exciting puzzle game with the theme of your favorite cartoon. Compatible with Android systems. The graphic design is made in the spirit of the original animated series. The animations are perfectly drawn (both players and tasks), the sound design is also on the level.

The game itself is a wild mix of arcade and puzzle games. All the interactions of the heroes with their enemies and friends occur through the "mathematical" part, which is a classic puzzle field. It is by gaming on it that you can control the characters. This approach is incredibly convenient and will surely be appreciated by most players.


Finn and Jake are ready to fight the dangers again and participate in all kinds of adventures. As the story progresses, they will fight old enemies and expand the team at the expense of friends. There are a lot of familiar characters in the game, such as Princess Bubblegum, Princess Flame, Gunther and others. All of them are fully playable and have their own superpowers.


Both normal attacks and special ones are activated only through certain actions on the puzzle field. Now it's not enough just to press the buttons – sometimes you have to think and look for the most winning combinations. In addition, in the process of gaming, you can create various items. With their use, you can complete a variety of quests, treat Persians and improve your attack skills. It's mostly food and potions.

I would especially like to note the work of the game on the network. There are tournaments that are able to exalt the player to the top of fame. They pass with a given frequency, you can prepare for them. There are various events, both permanent and everyday. Participating in events is the easiest way to win items.


The upgrade of the Persians is the main tool for increasing combat power. Each of the heroes can be improved, both separately and automatically with the receipt of experience and a new level. Development is not particularly limited.



  • Favorite characters;
  • Great game idea;
  • Unique gameplay;
  • The possibility of pumping and upgrading;
  • Tournaments and events;
  • Lots of characters;
  • Working through the network;
  • Lack of Russification.


Yes, indeed, it has not yet been possible to Russify the game. A little strange, since it is already available in the main languages of the world. We are waiting for Russian in the next updates. Do you like adventure time? Then download immediately! It's not often you have to see such a high-quality and interesting project on your favorite cartoon. The latest version of the game Adventure Time Puzzle Quest download for android.

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