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City Domination 4.1.16

City Domination is a geolocation strategy FREE game. A multiplayer game with a RISK in your city. Control your mafia, organize your gangs and play with MILLIONS of players!


The fun is a mixture of planning and STRATEGIC BATTLES in CITIES. The goal is to CONQUER and CONTROL the largest possible area with the help of your ARMY of bandits and create the most INFLUENTIAL MAFIA. Play alone or with other players: create or join another GANG, maneuver between alliances and betrayals. Be the best strategist to impose your CRIMINAL EMPIRE!


- FREE to play the innovative MMO strategy today
- GEOLOCATION will help you better create your MAFIA and CONQUER your city in a ruthless urban WAR
- ATTACK the zones around you to CONTROL them and expand your EMPIRE thereby
- DEFEND your territory by placing bandits on the defensive
- Increase your income, hire people, multiply your army, DEFEAT other players in your neighborhood
- Join other players to form the most influential GANG in the world
- Use STRATEGY and DIPLOMACY to better capture nearby territories
- Create a coat of arms for your gang to be recognized all over the world

Increase your income, hire more people, multiply your army, DEFEAT the players in your area
- Join other players to form the world's most influential GANG
- Conduct STRATEGIC and DIPLOMATIC policy for better capture around you
- Come up with a coat of arms for your gang so that it becomes recognizable all over the world The latest version of the strategy City Domination download for android.

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