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Dungeon Rush 1.14.0

Deep in ancient ruins, your heroes must explore dark dungeons, defeat terrible monsters, and fight for glory in the arena! After you have opened the dungeon, it is ripe for harvest with the help of the Dungeon Rush - Auto-Farm feature. Choose your heroes to clear the dungeon, and they will break through the battles, gaining experience, gold and things along the way. You don't even need to be in the game to win rewards for auto-farming your heroes.

Collect legendary heroes, form a battle-hardened team, fight with other players and earn legendary achievements. You can also form a guild with other players to rule the world of Dungeon Rush!



1. Auto-Farm allows you to pump while you are doing other things. Come back later to collect your new items and see the progress of your heroes.
2. Explore gloomy dungeons, collect powerful heroes, challenge other players in the arena to win wealth in abundance. At the end of each season, you can get a rare unique hero!
3. More than 200 different heroes from 6 different types for your team.
4. Random generation of things, will allow you to get only different things.
5. Create your own guild and team up with other guild members to fight the strongest boss, as well as participate in other challenges to see who will be the master of the floating island. The latest version of the shooting game Dungeon Rush download for android.

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