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Let's Create! Pottery Lite 1.63

Let's Create! Pottery Lite is a program for pottery lovers. Now on your Android device you will be able to realize your full potential! The interface is very pleasing to the eye. It immediately becomes clear what to do and how to do it – intuitiveness just rolls over. The musical accompaniment is pleasant, but nothing more.

Here everything is the same as in life – take clay and make a vase out of it. The management is very convenient, from the very first time you can create something quite nice, even if you know absolutely nothing about pottery. Realism doesn't end there. The first simplest products need to be sold. They don't pay much for them, but it's enough for paints for the next ones. Then – a continuous upgrade and improvement.

Depending on how much money the user has, he can buy new paints and stencils for his products. Gradually they become more expensive and more beautiful. Dishes and vases are easy to share with friends and acquaintances – the main social networks are integrated. Moreover, in the game itself, you can evaluate the work and even get into the top of the coolest masters.

In addition to classical clay, a lot of other materials are available. Some of them can be fired and covered with glaze. In this way, the number of options becomes simply limitless, and it becomes incredibly easy to make a unique thing.



  • Excellent graphics quality;
  • A unique idea;
  • Positively affects the mood;
  • Lots of colors, patterns and options. Permanent upgrade;
  • Online Master Tables;
  • The ability to save your masterpiece as a photo;
  • Good optimization;
  • Elementary installation.


If you don't like action and want to do something soothing, then this game is for you. Let's create! Dite pottery is a great option for a calm and long–lasting gaming. The latest version of the casual game Let's Create! Pottery Lite download for android.

Features: 3D G-sensor

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