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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf 1.4.45

Into battle, Sons of Russ! With fire and sword, we will cleanse the universe from the abomination of Chaos and forever write our great victory over the legion of Word Bearers into the history of the Space Wolves! A unique combination of turn-based strategy and collectible card board game, where a combination of the right cards in a carefully planned moment will lead to a long-awaited victory.


The leadership, flair and cunning of the Space Wolves – only this will help to survive on the planet Kanak, Segmentum Obscurus – a harsh, hostile world that the forces of Chaos have chosen as their outpost. What secrets does this dormant giant, lost in the depths of space, conceal? What monstrous forces are wandering in its suffocating green jungles, the fiery hell of its volcanoes and on dusty lifeless wastelands? Find them on your way to the fulfillment of the mission!


For Russ! For the All-Father!



Join the battle with the ruthless enemies of the Space Wolves:
• An epic campaign on a hostile planet full of dark secrets.
• Fight the deadly legion of Word Bearers – fanatical servants of the Gods of Chaos.


Team tactical battles:
• Gray Hunter, Wolf Scout or Wolf Guard – it's up to you to decide who fits best with your own style of play.
• Unlock all five members of the squad, and choose two who will go into battle with you.
• Upgrade your squad and unlock numerous abilities.
• Lead your squad of Space Wolves to victory in fierce battles in an amazing interactive environment.


Control the battle with the help of collectible cards:
• Hundreds of weapons and skills.
• Create your own decks for your unique fighting style.
• Win to unlock access to new, more powerful weapons, upgrades and tactical maps.
• Improve the cards you receive in the Iron Priest's forge to assemble your perfect deck.


PvP Multiplayer:
• Brutal three-on-three battles in confined spaces. Each turn – maximum damage to the enemy!
• Rating. Become the strongest among the Space Wolves. From group to group, the fights are getting harder, and the reward is more significant.
• Once a season, the rating table is reset to zero. Prove your right to the championship and regain the status of a leader! The latest version of the strategy Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf download for android.

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