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City Island 3 Construction Sim 3.3.1

This time you have to create your own archipelago! You can open and start building a city on a paradise tourist island, on a volcanic island, on a swampy area, in the desert and on many other sites. In this excellent construction strategy, you can build cities, towns, work settlements and large megacities. Install decorations for your residents and create jobs. A happy population brings money and gold!

People in your city won't let you get bored. You will have to solve various tasks, and feedback from citizens will help you understand how well you are coping with your mission. Moreover, you can decorate your city with walking paths, guide rivers through the city, build railways and run trains on them, break up parks and build hundreds of other beautiful objects. If you are a fan of free construction strategies, you will enjoy being the architect of a virtual city in the game "City Island 3: Construction Simulator".


- easy-to-manage construction simulator;
- own archipelago with 150 unique items. Great scope for creativity!
- Intuitive gameplay with interesting and difficult tasks and big prizes
- Cool tasks for building a virtual paradise
- Create and decorate your city. There are over 150 new, unique objects at your disposal. Create!
- Game currencies: gold and cash
- To attract residents to the city, set up parks, plant trees, build railways, ships, decorate the city with beautiful architectural elements and public buildings
- Make a profit on your commercial buildings
- Upgrade the buildings of the city
- Help your residents build a city on this exotic island
- Collect experience (XP) and unlock new buildings to build
- Collect dozens of different PRIZES during the game
- Expand your city and build other buildings in a new place. Turn your village into a giant metropolis with tall buildings
- Increase the speed of construction and add-ons
- There are many adventures and challenges at your disposal to discover
- Expand your city on land and at sea
- Many hours of free play
- Architecture in the style of SIM-City The latest version of the strategy City Island 3 Construction Sim download for android.

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