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Democracy vs Freedom 2.1

Democracy vs Freedom for Android in the trend of the season – tanchiki plus a turn-based game. The advantages of the genre are the non–necessity of full concentration, you can play on the road, waiting in line, etc. But "Democracy against Freedom" does not tolerate frivolity, a fair share of attention should be paid to the process. Online implies a reliable channel with the Internet.


The graphics and gameplay are slightly unusual – the game has its own face, it's good! Each level has become the arena of a brutal bipolar confrontation, the gamer chooses an attractive banner and joins the forces of Democracy. Or to the Army of Freedom.


Non-standard gameplay

The confrontation is numerically reflected in arithmetic – three by three (for players) and two by two (for tanks). In reality, a pair of armored shooters can be divided in this way: steer, shoot, coordinate actions… It is not known how in the game, but democracy has won here! More precisely, the voting approach.

The combat vehicle will shoot or move to the next cell if the cumulative level of those recommending the action is high. The higher the level is the commander, the opposition is stronger – it wins. No chat will help – a few seconds on the move. The confrontation of tactics and the outpouring of emotions of fellow soldiers increase the intensity to the limit.



The unpretentious design resembles an origami-style cartoon. The graphics and effects are simple, but funny. The change of landscapes does not let you get bored, the uncomplicated menu does not distract from the process.



The original team process

Free of charge, without donation and advertising.

A quick career – up to Marshal.



There is no training – the recruit immediately steers the tank.

There are few (yet!) online players.

DvsFr is an ambiguously attractive project. Perhaps it will be the beginning of a style and an icon of original gameplay. The latest version of the shooting game Democracy vs Freedom download for android.

Features: Online Multiplayer

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