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The Unofficial Terraria Wiki 1.1.0

The unofficial Wiki Terrarium for Android, despite the emphasized detachment from the developer of the popular game universe of the same name, received all the necessary permissions. On the use of ideas, objects, names. And the terrarian content has been overgrown with wiki articles to the delight of gamers!


The application is very undemanding to the capabilities of the smartphone. Using it is exceptionally simple:

  • Download and install;
  • Launch;
  • Drive in the desired concept;
  • Launch!
  • And exhaustive explanations have been received.


The Terraria universe includes many elements. It is individual for everyone. But as Newton's laws are universal, so are the properties of crafting, recipes, habits of bosses – much is fundamental. And the fundamental knowledge will help the gamer to reach the top.

Or he will remain charmed about the game, deciding that he is participating in a cute digger reissue. Experts, on the contrary, use the encyclopedia Terraria Wiki, go through the 2D adventureworld many times and know a lot. For example, they know that Terraria is only similar in style to the famous Minecraft, but is individual in origin, development, ideas. Terraria does not copy, it's time to clone it a little. The latest version of the game The Unofficial Terraria Wiki download for android.

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  • Game version: 1.1.0
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