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Horses for minecraft mod 1.7

Horses for Minecraft mod for Android is an application with which you can add horses to the game, however, first they need to be tamed and saddled. The tool will significantly expand the possibilities in the game world. The mod offers a variety of breeds, horseshoes, carts, saddles, which distinguishes it from similar applications.


The main features of the module:

  • The Horses mod will allow you to move around in the game;
  • A special locator will appear, which you just need to turn on to automatically search for the animal;
  • You can find not one, but several horses at once.


In the game world, horses appear randomly, but for those who want to control the process, this mod has been developed. They will appear during walks, but you can also search for them using the locator. Summoning eggs will help you find the animal faster. And before proceeding to the search, it is necessary to create several items for taming, namely wheat, saddles and whips.


In order to tame it is necessary to take spikelets of wheat and approach the animal. If it makes sounds like grumbling, then you need to continue feeding until a message appears on the screen that the trotter is tamed. You can use the horse at your discretion – make carts for transporting trophies or people, use it as a vehicle.


To saddle the animal, you need to come up and press on the back. With the help of a whip, control and management are carried out. This mod will appeal to those who really love horses and have always dreamed of them.


How to install the mod?

- First you need to download the archive, and it's better to do it on a PC, and then download it to your Android device. It is necessary to add a Forge, and after the downloaded file is transferred to the minecraft/mods folder.


Questions that may arise during the game:

Do you have to take a horse for yourself?

- No, you can just ride it, but you don't have to pick it up.

Why do I need forge?

- It is necessary for the correct installation and operation of all modules. The latest version of the shooting game Horses for minecraft mod download for android.

Download Horses for minecraft mod on android

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