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Angry Dash 2.0

Angry Dash is an arcade/platformer genre application for mobile devices running on the Android operating system, released by the Grafik MD campaign. It has an extremely low rating, and therefore updates and patches are released very rarely. Also, the lack of Russian, given that there is not much text in the game. The main contingent is young children. An adult user is not interested in much, except to spend a couple of minutes of time.

Dynamic gameplay and increasing difficulty as you progress, makes the project interesting, exciting and non-monotonous. Complete absence of history. You play as a square-headed character who collects stars (points), while jumping away from traps, of which there are many in the game (monsters, ghosts, vampires and other representatives of horror).


Recommended for fans of Geometry Dash, very similar mechanics, idea.


A couple of interesting features:

1. Good soundtrack.

2. Good gameplay.

3. HD graphics.

4. Optimization.


There are a couple of drawbacks that greatly spoil the game: too few levels (20) and rare updates. The latest version of the arcade Angry Dash download for android.

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