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Guide Of ShadowFight 2 2.0

Guide Of ShadowFight 2 – excitement comes during the game. This entertainment belongs to a kind of physical puzzle, the developers of which have tried to create everything in such a way that even experienced and professional players would like to cope with it. There is only one goal in it, to which the main character will advance – to close the gates to the real world to evil and destroying everything around him enemy shadows from the other world.


"Shadow Fight 2" does not have any specific plot, and this fact complicates the game as a whole. It turns out that the gamer is just fighting with his own evil shadow throughout the time, using various techniques and weapons such as blades.


Among the positive aspects, we can note excellent gameplay, when the gameplay causes the player to have certain feelings and emotions, due to the content of various aspects in it. These are good, not cutting the eye, graphics, realistic animation of online battles with a connected network, pleasant music, sound volume, which is adjustable on the smartphone screen, hints that appear depending on the need.


An unpleasant moment can be the small keys on the device, due to the inconvenience of control, which can easily fall into the traps of your main enemy right in the middle of the battle. And this will interfere with the attack of enemy shadows in order to eliminate them and not give them the opportunity and strength to recover.


The cache memory will not be clogged during the game. The main thing is to take into account the speed of the connected Internet, since it depends on whether you will have time to strike at the enemy in a timely manner.


What steps should be used for the main attack? These include standard punchy attacks and forward strike combos that need to be constantly repeated when the enemy becomes vulnerable.


How to hold a joystick with controls to block enemy attacks? It is necessary to wait for the shadow to attack it when blocking strikes by pressing the highlighted buttons on the device screen.


How to get out of the danger zone? It is necessary to jump past the opponent to avoid direct blows, although such an action can be quite risky. The latest version of the game Guide Of ShadowFight 2 download for android.

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